Asphalt 7: Heat for Windows 10

This arcade-style driving game has stunning graphics and a wide variety of tracks and cars

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    Racing games

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    Windows 8 / Windows 10

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    7.3 (286)

Asphalt 7: Heat is the latest in Gameloft's long running series of mobile racing games, but this latest iteration has been ported to Windows 10 so it can be played on PCs, tablets, and Windows phones running on that operating system. It's easily the best Asphalt game released yet, and it does a good job of going bigger and better with the systems already in place, but many players will find it paling in comparison to more traditional computer and console racing games.

In terms of graphics and features, this is hardly going to go neck and neck with the Forza or Gran Turismo series, but it's an impressive piece of work considering it was built for use on mobile phones. The graphics look smooth and modern, but they also run smoothly without having to worry about slowdown or frame rate drops. Given that this is a game about flexing your fast reflexes in high speed situations, that's especially critical. And while it doesn't pack in the wealth of tuning options and open worlds that more traditional console options offer, the campaign here is dense and impressive. This career mode is long enough that people who find themselves enjoying the central experience will find a lot of material to dig into. A long game that repeats the same mission types over and over again could quickly grow repetitive, but Asphalt 7 fortunately does a respectable job of mixing up the options available. You'll find traditional races that ask you to simply finish in first, but it's also packed with drift challenges, knockout races that kick the last place player from the race after each lap, and time trials that allow you to test out your skills without the risk of direct competition. These are all seeded smartly throughout the game, so if you grow frustrated with a particular mode, you can usually find an alternative race in which to compete.

Multiplayer components have been an aspect of the Asphalt series for some time now, but Asphalt 7 polishes up the systems that were already in place. Both local and online multiplayer are available, and the game splits up multiplayer races into tiers that lock players into choosing from a particular class of vehicle. In a game with over a hundred different vehicles to choose from, this is a smart choice. Just keep in mind that there's a lot of variety between different cars in the same class, and it can be frustrating to lose to a less skilled player who just happens to have invested in a more expensive car. Regardless of how you choose to play, there are a variety of different control schemes available, and you should be able to find one that's suited to you.


  • One of the largest and most varied mobile racing games around
  • Over a hundred cars to choose from and a wide selection of different race types


  • Tiered multiplayer system still sometimes creates huge disparities between players
  • Feels more like an iterative rather than revolutionary addition to the established Asphalt formula

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